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On November 29th – 30th in Novotel Plovdiv, Plovdiv the Fifth Conference of South East European Fruit and Vegetables Processors under the motto: “The Processing of Fruit and Vegetables - Tradition and Innovations “ was held.

A host of this important international event was the Union of Fruits and Vegetables in Bulgaria. The conference was part of the German Organization for Technical Co-operation /GTZ/ project for stimulating of food industry in the countries from South East Europe. Participants in the meeting exchange information and opinions about the future development of the fruits and vegetables branch. The lectures during the conference provoked lively discussions. One of the presentation , dedicated to the migration of harmful substances in foods and the legislation of the European Union in this industry, gave rise to a spirited dispute. Both organizers and participants express opinion that the meetings of the Fruit and Vegetables Processors from South East Europe should become a tradition, because they gave a lot of opportunities for successful business deals.

Our colleagues from Greece and from Macedonia show interest to be the host of the Sixth Conference of South East European Fruit and Vegetables Processors.
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Union of the processors of fruit and vegetables
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