Bulgarplod Kyustendil – Georgi Razsipiyski ET

Member of UPFV from 2017


ISO 22000

Awards and prizes

Award for overall performance of 100% apple juice and mixed juice "BAGRA", having received the Medal and Diploma winner in a competition for innovation - section "Machinery and technology for the food industry" from "International Exhibition of Food and napitri, packaging machinery and technology - FOODTECH 2016".

Juices "BAGRA" were chosen by the majority of visitors to the fair, for which was awarded a DIPLOM for the best product in the category of fruit juices - Competition consumer choice for combined juice - apple, pear and quince, evaluated by visitors.

Trade marks


About the company

ЕТ “BULGARPLOD KYUSTENDIL” – Georgi Razsipiyski” is a company specialized in the processing of fresh fruits and vegetables.

The company’s factory is located in village Granitsa, district Kyustendil, whereas it successfully develops and imposes on the market its brand “BAGRA” with the offering of high quality products, appropriated for a wide circle of consumers. 

The company has at its disposal several production bases as well as a multitude of product range. The bases are designed and constructed depending on the contemporary requirements, whereas they have at their disposal new production and warehouse premises and furthermore the latter are equipped with European machines and facilities, fully corresponding to the requirements about quality and safety of the food.

  • Industrial unit for the production of direct fruit juices:
    • Apple juice
    • Apple juice with slightly sour taste
    • Juice from apples, pears and quinces
    • Juice from apples and Morello cherries
    • Juice from apples and grapes
    • Juice from apples and raspberries
    • Juice from apples and bilberries

The offered variety of juices are prepared in different parceling and packages - boxes “Bag-in-box” with volumetric capacity of 3 l and glass bottles with contents of 1 l and 0.250 l.

The technology of the direct juices from fruits is cold pressed juice, without added sugar, sweeteners, water, preservatives, concentrates, flavors. The advantage of «Bag-in-box» package is the method for storing and pouring without oxygen access from outside, preserving the juice from loss of taste qualities and oxidation.             

  • Industrial unit for dry fruits and vegetables:
    • Dried black cherry
    • Dry apricot
    • Dry plum
    • Dry apple
    • Dry aronia
    • Dried fruit mix /cherry, blue plum, blue plum and aronia/
    • Dried fruit mix /cherry and apricot/
    • Dried vegetables - Tomatoes, Peppers
    • Fruit chips - Apples, Pears, Mix /apple and pear/

The offered variety of dried fruits and vegetables are offered in different parceling – bag with capacity of 0,100 kg. / 0,200 kg.  

  • Flour mill:
    • Apple flour – bag with capacity 0,100 kg. / 0,200 kg.

The company is in possession of contemporary, high-technology refrigerating chambers for storing the fruits.

In all commercial products of the company the rich and fresh taste of the fruits are fully preserved, whereas for their production entirely private and Bulgarian raw materials are used.

In the business plan of EТ “Bulgarplod Kyustendil – Georgi Razsipiyski” for year 2018 the construction of a new production base is envisaged – Industrial unit for the production of apple vinegar.