Bulgarconserv Rupite Ltd.

Member of UPFV from 2008


ISO 9001 FSSC (ISO 22000/ISO/TS 22002-1)

Advantages in terms of infrastructure

15 km from Greece and 25 km from Macedonia; well connected through multinational web of transportation: motorway E79, railway and Thessaloniki port, Greece

Awards and prizes

  • Award First Place for Quality at “ProdExpo” Moscow 2012 for Compote of Plums and Roasted Pepper
  • Award "Best Product - 2013" at “ProdExpo” Moscow for Compote of Apricots and Compote of Plums
  • Award "Best Product - 2013" at “ProdExpo” Moscow for Compote of  Peach halves in syrup
  • Award Honorary sign and deeds of the Russian-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce for its contribution to the expansion of the Bulgarian-Russian trade and economic and business cooperation

Trade marks



The company is oriented mainly in the production of private brands for export. About 95% of the production is exported to foreign markets – EU, Russian Federation and Middle East. The main product of the company is peach compote  in metal cans and glass jars, but there is also serious production of apricots, cherries, plums, roasted peeled red peppers and more.  

The factory is very close to key European roads and Thessaloniki port is just 120 km away. This location gives logistic access to any part of the world.