“Open the Seal of Taste” - project proposal part of the “Promotion of EU Agricultural products within the EU” program


“Open the Seal of Taste” - project proposal part of the “Promotion of EU Agricultural products within the EU” program

The project duration is three years: 2011-2013. Project budget: 2 982 967 euro. Financing: 50% EU; 30% Ministry of Agriculture and Foods-State Fund Agriculture; 20% The Union of processors of fruits and vegetables

The main goal of this project is to promote the consumption of processed fruits and vegetables products of the best quality produced in the EU.

Promoted products:

  • lyutenitsa (including its hot and mild varieties: ayvar and pindzhur)
  • roasted peeled pepper,
  • rose jam,
  • rosehip marmalade,
  • peach compote

Target countries: Germany, Poland, Romania
Target cities: Cologne, Berlin, Munich, Warsaw, Bucharest

The project activities are incorporated in four groups:

1. Information and provision measures

The information and provision activities will support the whole campaign and will utilize the great capabilities offered by modern technology (website, DVD’s etc.). Also incorporated in this category are the productions of logo, brochures, posters, folders, placemats etc.

2. Promotion measures

The promotion measures will support the communications campaign by offering the opportunity to consumers and merchants to be directly associated with the products, appreciate them and get to know their benefits in practice.

Participation in exhibitions and fairs throughout 2012:

  • Fruit Logistica, Berlin, Germany (09 – 11.02)
  • Food & Life, Munich, Germany (30.11 – 04.12)
  • POLAGRA, Poznan, Poland (12 – 15.09.)
  • INDAGRA, Bucharest, Romania (10 – 14.11)

There will be demonstrations at points of sale. The activity will be implemented in a special area/section of sales points in supermarkets or shopping malls so as to maximize potential effectiveness. Sampling is considered as the most effective promotional activity because it builds initial contact between the product and the consumer. Some of the selected supermarkets in the target cities are: Carrefour, ALDI, EDEKA, Kaufland, REWE, Metro, Billa, E.Leclerc, etc.

3. Advertising measures

Advertising comprises the “classic” way of communication through the mass media. Included here are the design and booking of advertising space in the Press, the publication of articles, exposure in TV shows, outdoor advertising, advertising in buses, the production of commercial and its broadcast in cinemas.

There will be publications in specialized food magazines such as: Essen & Trinken, Der Feinschmecker, The Gourmet, Food & Drink, Alla Carte, Effilee etc. (Germany); Food & Drinks, Przeglad Gastronomiczny, Poradnik Restauratora, Fresh and Cool Market, Food Service, Cukiernictwo I Piekarstwo (Poland); Food & Drinks, Frozen Food Europe, Culinar, Avantaje, VIVA, Gastromedia, Sana, Burda (Romania).

Each day and 10 days before Christmas in the selected suburbs in each target city a group of 3 persons with uniforms/logo will distribute directly to householders 2000 brochures per day, total 20.000 distributed each time. A total of 300.000 brochures will be distributed in all of the target cities.

Outdoor advertising will be implemented in the target cities. The placement of panels and/or posters will be made in central and crowded streets and city squares, in the parking space of large supermarkets, etc.

Advertising on buses will offer high exposure to the products through the placement of large advertisements on buses that follow popular routes in all major streets and destinations of exhibition cities.

Broadcast of TV commercials in popular and product-related TV shows is scheduled before, during or after exhibitions in each target country. The TV spot will be broadcast on the identified cooking programs in each of the target cities. The included TV channels in each target country are: ARD, ZDF, RTL, VOX, Center TV, Munich TV, Berlin TV (Germany); TVN 24, TVP, TVP 3, Tele 5 (Poland); Antena 1, Prima TV, TVR, OTV (Romania).

4. Public Relations measures

The Public Relations activities actions include thematic dinners, contacts with representatives of the target groups, promotion in points of sale, invitations to manufacturing facilities.

The thematic dinner activities aim to encourage relationships with gastronomic experts, nutritionists, distributors, traders, wholesalers, and importers in the food sector. Through thematic dinners, the invited guests will be informed in detail about the quality of the promoted European products. Ten thematic dinners are planned to be held in the following places:

  • 2 thematic dinners in Dom Hotel Le Meridien in Cologne
  • 2 thematic dinners in Kempinski Hotel Bristol in Berlin
  • 2 thematic dinners in Le Meridien Hotel in Munich
  • 2 thematic dinners in Grand Hotel Continental in Bucharest
  • 2 thematic dinners in Le Meridien Bristol Hotel in Warsaw

The activities concerning the invitation of traders, distributors, wholesalers, etc. to manufacturing places aim to inform potential buyers that the manufacturing companies fulfill the international quality control systems for production of processed fruits and vegetables.

The group of 10 visitors for each mission will have the opportunity to visit certified processing companies of fruits and vegetables with internationally recognized quality control systems (ISO 22000, GOST, HACCP, FDA etc.).

Total of 50 invitations will be made to key people, 10 delegates from each target city over the duration of the program.

In all the target cities there are culinary schools for professional training or for the hobby of learning the wonders of the kitchen. A special seminar “Open the Seal of Taste” will be organized in five culinary schools one in each target cities, Cologne, Berlin, Munich, Bucharest and Warsaw for the processed fruits and vegetables. The five culinary schools are:

1. Kochlust Buchhandlund Brit Lippold, Mitte, Berlin-Mitte
2. Kuechenteufel cooking sessions, Munich
3. Koelner Kochschule, Ehrenfeld, Koeln
4. Culinar School in Romania, Bucharest
5. Culinary Institute in Krakow, Wieliczka

Special „matchmaking“ workshops will aim to gather the right people together in order to facilitate the conditions of doing business.

Another action refers to the organisation of events and contacts with key people and professionals that play a significant role and have influence in their organisations such as youth and adult consumer associations, trade associations, supermarket chains, wholesalers etc. Four events will be held in the following five stars hotels:

1. Dom Hotel Le Meridien in Cologne
2. Kempinski Hotel Bristol in Berlin
3. Grand Hotel Continental in Bucharest
4. Le Meridien Bristol in Warsaw